Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We will be closed this Labor Day weekend — Sat. 8/30/14 – Mon. 9/1/14 — to take a well-deserved break and spend time with our families. We wish everyone a happy, relaxing, and safe Labor Day weekend! We will reopen on Tues. 9/2/14 at 10am.



About the Author
Nancy worked in the comic book industry in the early 90's helping the small business movement and absorbing tons of information on collectibles to add to her already overwhelmingly large fountain of "useless" knowledge. She spent several years as a marketing writer and was among the small group of communicators to utilize social media as a marketing tool in 2005-06. She's worked with companies like Adobe and Google but her lifelong passion has always been for antiques, thrift stores, vintage items, curios, upcycling and repurposing. This stemmed from a childhood immersed in such things (her parents were very thrifty and also collected antiques). Nancy's life-long dream has been to find a way to put all her useless knowledge to work as a career. In 2014, she eschewed the corporate world to do just that for Slades Trades. Her motto is, "If it exists on the Internet, I can find it."